Founded in 1993, Hunan Jinsong Machinery Co., Ltd. is the earliest agricultural machinery enterprise specialized in the production of micro-combined rice machines in Hunan Province. In 2009, it was renamed through optimization and integration.


The company is located in Shuangfeng County, the hometown of agricultural machinery in China. The company has a total area of more than 70 acres in the Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone and Qingshuping Plant, with a registered capital of RMB 20 million and 206 employees.


The company is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of more than 60 kinds of agricultural machinery products such as household combination rice milling machine, steam killing machine, dryer, feed mill, refiner, corn thresher, etc. Ranked first in the country, Hunan Province ranked first, accounting for 21.5% of the national rice milling machine market, the core technology of the product is all independent research and development.

Since 2005, the company has established a corporate technology center. Through joint research and development with universities such as Central South University and Hunan Agricultural University, it has obtained 2 national-level project support projects and 3 provincial-level project support projects. The industry-university-research cooperation has been the company's technological progress. Important ways of technological innovation. In recent years, the company has achieved gratifying results in cooperation with Hunan Agricultural University and Central South University. Special development in non-standard equipment, such as the development of small dryer processing equipment, has filled the gaps in the industry equipment in the province; the application of advanced technology has greatly saved energy, improved work efficiency and reduced costs; The use of fuels such as hot blast stoves greatly saves national energy and reduces the production costs of farmers.


The cooperation between industry, academia and research institute has promoted the improvement of technology. More importantly, this type of cooperation has trained the technical team to make a group of technical talents stand out. So far, 36 countries have been applied for, of which 34 patents have been granted. 3 patents.

About Jinsong Machinery

The company is one of the largest domestic rice mill manufacturers with the largest production history. The advantages of its industry position are obvious, especially the enterprise technology center has made significant progress in the development of new products and new process transformation. At present, the products produced by the company are in the absolute leading level in the same industry:


Since the city, Jinsong brand rice machine has survived by quality, developed with innovation, and continuously increased market share. From the initial 5.1% domestic market share, it has steadily increased to 21.5%, becoming the flag of domestic small household rice mill. One of the benchmarks.


The tea dryer began market research in 2009. After many demonstrations and trial productions, it passed the appraisal of agricultural machinery achievements in Hunan Province in 2012 and put it into the market. After continuous improvement of technology and innovative products, it has become the largest small size in China. One of the manufacturers of economic crop dryers.